music on the road 2016

Busking Across the U.S. 

Who says you need to be signed to go on a music tour? 

This summer I combined three of my favorite components — music, traveling and writing — into one trip. Packing my baby Casino-like companion and portable amp, I spent the summer in some of the most culturally rich American cities, soaking in and contributing to each music scene. Some destinations were familiar to me — like Nashville, D.C. and my birth city, Atlanta — but most were new.

My goal in busking across the states was to learn. And learn I did. 

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Washington, D.C. — June 6-9

Nashville, Tenn. — June 10-14

Asheville, N.C. — June 21-24

Atlanta, Ga. — June 25-26

New Orleans, La. — June 27-29

Austin, Texas — July 1-4

Santa Fe/Albuquerque, N.M. — July 6-9

San Diego, Calif. — July 11-13

Los Angeles/Santa Monica, Calif. — July 14-18

San Francisco/Oakland, Calif. — July 19-27

Portland, Ore. — July 28-31

Seattle, Wash. — Aug. 1-3

Salt Lake City, Utah — Aug. 5-6

Denver, Co. — Aug. 8-10

Chicago, Ill. — Aug. 12-14

Detroit, Mich. — Aug. 15-17

Pittsburgh, Pa. — Aug. 18-20